Help customers work together with Microsoft technology

Did you know that 83% of employees depend on technology to work together? How are you helping your teams work together to do their best work?

Now, you can offer your team an integrated #Teamworksolution from #Microsoft. By streamlining communication, you can help your employees bring their teams and resources together, connect with users outside the company, and even work remotely.

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Lackluster Teamwork? Tips For Boosting Performance

What are you doing to help your teams work better together?

#Teamwork is about more than just changing the way that employees communicate. It’s about understanding the roots of human behavior and putting in the work to keep your employees engaged. Check out this article for tips to boost teamwork in your business.

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What is a data breach and how to protect yourself

What is a data breach? In simple terms, a data breach is when an unauthorised person gains access to confidential, protected or sensitive information. Common examples of a data breaches are when someone accesses personal information such as credit card numbers or, more commonly with businesses, sensitive corporate information such as customer lists. This type …

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7 Tips On How To Create A Strong Password

Don’t use real words Hackers use password cracking tools that can easily guess your password. The programs they use can process every word in the dictionary so it’s best not to use real words, names or nouns. Instead use a mix of special characters, e.g. upper-case and lower-case letters along with ‘?’, ‘&’ or ‘!’. …

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Cyber Awareness – Online Hygiene

Online Hygiene More people than ever are online since the outbreak of the pandemic using the Internet. We are using social media, banking, connecting to work, video calling gaming and a whole manner of other things.  It is really important that we look after our personal data whilst using these facilities. There is an underclass …

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