The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Microsoft Endpoint Manager is a solution that provides on-premises and cloud-based devices with tools (as well as the ability to co-manage with them) to provision, deploy, manage, and secure endpoints. It also enables insights into endpoint health and performance and remediates vulnerabilities in multiple areas—all while significantly reducing costs.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager gives organizations the enhanced control and monitoring to support employees with minimal impact on user experience while preventing data loss and applying Zero Trust best practices.

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Efficient remote working

The top 9 ways Microsoft IT is enabling remote work for its employees

Companies recently experienced a huge shift from in-office work to remote. Microsoft quickly took action to help make working remote more efficient and flexible. With Windows Virtual Desktop and best practices, companies can continue giving employees who work remotely a productive and secure experience. Check out nine additional ways Microsoft enabled their employees to work wherever, with a productive and secure experience.

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Teams infographic

Now is the time for Microsoft Teams

This infographic outlines how you can stay in touch with the hub for teamwork in Office 365. Essentially, with Microsoft Teams you can connect and collaborate with your team. Its easy to come together securely using Teams meetings and get work done. Why not give

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Lizo company Digital transformation journey
Customer Story

Lizo | Digital transformation in the oil & gas industry: improving on-site safety

We know that for some businesses, real-time updates of their facilities and equipment is essential. Saving time is saving money, but it’s just as important to maintain site safety. It’s also known that cloud-based software can most efficiently manage large volumes of data. That’s where Microsoft @Azure fits the bill. Watch how a company such as Lizo can meet all of their customer needs, including cost savings. Connect with STG today for more information about #Azure.

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Protect your company with security solutions from Microsoft

Every company needs to have a strategy for cyberattack protection —we’re looking at you, small businesses. In a digital landscape that’s constantly evolving, now is the time to adopt a cloud-based security solution to defend customer data against cyberattacks. It is not as daunting as

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Awesome workspace

Create a great working environment

Spending a little time to make your work environment functional and attractive is a great way to keep you engaged.

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