Project services & consultancy


Change is inevitable for any thriving business, however we all have a tendency to resist it as we become acclimatised to our ways of working and it can be perceived to be expensive or maybe disruptive and risky. Projects are a way of introducing change into a business and when done well, minimises the risks, costs and disruption. Our team are experts in change management and our customers understand that change is an evolving process and our strong partnership helps to deliver their strategic vision.


The importance of understanding the deliverables for any project cannot be overstated, but a deeper understanding of the business heartbeat is also essential and provides greater insight and context to the project brief.

Our partnership with you is essential to capturing the fundamentals of your business and how the proposed changes are to work with it. This period of due diligence is a valuable investment in producing great outcomes.


Observations and fact finding help to provide the elements of a solution. Our team work with your internal teams, 3rd party specialists and your management to create a solution that will ultimately deliver the program of works.


No two companies operate in the same way, there are untold business triggers and dependencies that shape the approach required for managing projects. At STG we tailor our management mechanisms to suit our individual customers.

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