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Service Desk support
Infrastructure support and management
Backups and Disaster Recovery
Anti Virus and Cyber Threat Protection
Cloud platforms and storage.

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Why it makes sense to outsource your IT.

IT managers and and business owners have long tussled with the challenge of providing the right levels of support in their organisations. The some of the major difficulties managers face are

  • Fixed knowledge within the team – Teams know what they know but new technologies or developments may create knowledge gaps.
  • Training staff is expensive – Training is constant, expensive and can be disruptive to business. It can and often lead to staff furthering their careers elsewhere. 
  • New IT initiatives can upset normal business – IT projects tend to draw key staff from their regular duties and can lead to unwelcome business disruption.

Outsourcing your IT to us can alleviate many of these problems.

  • Fixed cost IT Service
  • Staff ramp up on demand
  • Fully managed and monitored infrastructure
  • Immediate and scalable support
  • IT project planning and deployment
  • Hardware and software provisioning

Choosing the best business model for your needs

There are a wide range of unique business models to choose between. Most of the time the right choice comes down to your immediate requirements and how critical it is to maintain your network or service 24/7
Another factor is cost effectiveness – how important is it to maintain 24/7? Is standard business hours support sufficient?

The choice of which services to activate unique to each individual business. You may not want 24/7 support or monitoring, you may just want key function catered for, the choice is yours.

How to get your business to thrive with the right managed service

Choosing the right managed service is critical to any business. Striking the right balance between 24/7 service operation for network and system or simple at the elbow key systems support can have a big effect on budget and risk.
If you are searching for a dependable, professional and flexible managed service, look no further than STG. We pride ourselves on outstanding top quality service allowing you to focus on driving your business without the worry of faults or system failures.


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