End User computing

Good technology design - invisible but empowering

Successful companies rely on their staff for regular and reliable business production. It is very rare nowadays to find workers that do not use computers or smart devices to complete their duties.

It is very important that the technology does not get in the way. Allowing users to perform their daily function easily without considering the device is the ultimate objective.

Delivering a modern desktop to your workforce is a key component to maximising end user productivity. It is one of many solutions that STG can offer to business.

Our team can help tailor solutions to suit your environment and your users.

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Secure Access

Secure access protects and empowers users. Microsoft 365 provides an array of security features designed to keep your business and your data secure.

Enterprise Mobility + Security allows you enhance security and management of Apps both on premise and in the cloud.

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Application Virtualisation Platforms

Application Virtualisation platforms liberate users and applications from the reliance on a fixed dedicated workstation. Users are free to access corporate data and line of business applications from any device from any location in a convenient and effective way.

Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft 365

Ensuring that businesses are protected and that company data is not exposed to users that do not have the correct access rights or permissions is vital for proper governance. Enterprise software like Microsoft 365 allows admins to dynamically apply and revoke permissions, policies, applications and user profiles. 

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Hardware Management

Device rollouts, application distribution, auto desktop imaging all deliver to the end-user a device that is fully functional, fully patched and that can be dynamically updated with new applications or new operating system versions.

Cloud and Hybrid computing

Assessing and optimising your compute environment, payloads, scalability, cloud and hybrid computing all help a company achieve flexibility in IT delivery irrespective of seasonal or operational demand. STG architects and consultants can help achieve this at speed.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility Management allows companies to manage mobile, laptops, tablets or smart devices, whether they are personally owned or corporately owned whilst keeping corporate and personal data separate.

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