Discover the power of the Cloud

Discover helps to evaluate the possibilities, risks and benefits of moving your operations to Cloud.

We can carry out a range of different assessments and reviews to determine your current status and help with your strategic planning and future goals.

  • Cloud Readiness Assessments
  • Security assessments
  • Windows 11 Readiness Assessments
  • Application migration assessments
  • Virtualisation options
  • Data centre reviews

Delivering a modern desktop to your workforce is key. Let us get you off to a great start, speak to one of our Cloud Technologists to get started on a great future.

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We help companies evaluate their position in order to take advantage of Cloud Transition - Find out where you are and how to move forward.


Readiness assessments - Proof of concepts - Reviews.Discover your businesses potential
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A strategic plan is essential for any potential move. Building and scoping help to define the approach. Our assessments can take into account mobiles devices, PC's, applications and servers


Plan to deploy to Azure as a POC, Deploy Microsoft 365, Deploy Devices, Virtual environments and mobile phones at speed with control. Trials are non destructive and low risk
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Move to Cloud solutions with purpose. Build out a scalable and secure IT Infrastructure built on Azure. Maintain your production systems in place until migration verified.


Re-host your on-prem servers, PAYG compute services, dynamic scaling of services, efficient Virtualisation. Rollback de-risks any migration so you can move forward with confidence
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Collaboration, Storage, Security, Integration, Mobility

Our team are on hand to create you a Modern Workplace