Why invest in integrated threat protection?

Integrated threat protection - Effective Secure Trusted

Greater security with lower cost is one of the advantages of the integrated security solution provided by Microsoft

Reduce costs by choosing an integrated solution.

  • By consolidating to one dashboard and one supplier for all security aspects helps detect and protect against all intrusion scenarios. And also eliminates additional security infrastructure.
  • Coordination of protection, detection, response across Microsoft and other 3rd party solutions in one interface.
  • Securely manage ID and access across devices.
  • Reduce licensing costs up to 52% with integrated cloud solutions, a significantly lower TCO than a mixed vendor approach.

Secure IT environments effectively.

  • Protect cloud and on-premises infrastructure by employing a number of tactical and strategic methods.
  • Reinforce and keep pace with growth in security data.
  • Preventative monitoring and analysis 
  • Accelerate security outcomes while reducing hardware and operational costs.

Engage the worlds most trusted security presence.

  • Best in class across five security solutions categories.
  • Ensure confidence with Microsoft Security’s impeccable legacy.
  • Trust resources that process a greater volume of data than anywhere else.
  • Fight against threats with config monitoring, EDR, application control, network segmentation (with support extending to container and serverless workloads)