Who ARE We?

Our Mission

Solvida Technology Group exists to help our clients and customers capitalise on the use of digital systems, equipment and techniques. Helping to foster collaboration and production with the use of Information Technology.

Our holistic approach to creating solutions for our clients has proven to produce exceptional results in terms of time cost and integrity.

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Extraordinary Experiences

We are in an age of digital convergence. The hybrid worker requires that they have access to all the corporate systems when they are mobile, in the office or at home.

Technology has to provide the separation between personal and business data. The infrastructure needs to provide the security governance and connectivity whilst allowing these demands to coexist without compromising the levels of integrity and safeguarding.

As this landscape develops our technologists are at the forefront along with our partners Intel, Microsoft, Microfocus and others to deliver sophisticated systems that work in any scenario with confidence and consistency.

Our Core Values

We believe that it is not simply a matter of fulfilling a brief but to truly offer exceptional service to our customer we need to understand their journey and objectives and deliver digital systems and solutions in a mature and sustainable way.