All businesses at some point will have the challenge of migrating or upgrading their hardware and software, technology rarely stands still for very long. Your business may not be at the cutting edge of technology, but it does need to stay apace of the following:

Microsoft Presales specialistPC deployment

  • Security updates and System patching
  • Maintenance updates and service packs
  • Software obsolescence
  • End of life and unsupported systems
  • Outdated and incompatible software and platforms
  • Increased support and Maintenance costs
  • New manufacturing or operational techniques

Migrations Rollouts and Upgrades

In order to maintain the integrity of your business systems and mitigate against these and other risks a business owner needs to have the right information to create the right strategies of management. At Solvida Technology Group we try to preempt and highlight these scenarios to you and will discuss and develop plans to help smooth out these technological bumps.

Making the move to Windows 10 has never been easier. Increasing business value and productivity by easing migration and complementing your managed testing with “Windows 10 Compatible” solutions from Solvida Technology Group you can be sure that these solutions have undergone compatibility testing to help ensure they install readily and run reliably with the minimal number of hangs, crashes, or restarts, and are supported on Windows 10.

Upgrades and Equipment Refresh

If the prospect of upgrading your equipment sends you into a cold sweat then let us plan and implement your refurbishment from start to finish, give us a call we can provide as much help as you need to assist this process and make the transition as seamless as possible.  At Solvida Technology Group we specialise in optimising your technology roadmap, we can provide end to end services including

  • 20850 Intel Corporate Print LogoSupplying Equipment
  • Software installations
  • Desktop Imaging
  • Delivery to desk and close out.

We can also provide trials and dry run scenarios as well as out of hours working if necessary.

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