I am not technical - how do I get the right IT equipment for my needs?

This is a phrase we often hear, businesses are busy doing their business and often do not have time to learn the technicalities of how a product works or how it is set up. They want to be able to capitalise on a products features without necessarily becoming an expert. At Solvida we use our technical and industry knowledge to we take away this headache and offer solutions that are not only simple and effective but but are presented in a way that is user friendly. Take a look at our Office in a Box Solutions.

There is a lot of talk about Cloud how can it help me?

Cloud services effectively reside in datacentres (a collection of servers), their function is managed by service companies that look after their maintenance and rent out parts of the server functionality for Enterprise users and individuals. What does that mean?.. Well you are able to use parts or all of a servers functionality without having to install it or look after it instead you only pay for what you use. Two high profile examples of this are Office 365 and Apple iCloud.  Everything from Applications to File storage to Data Backup is now available in this environment and makes it possible to have access to any of these services anywhere in the world you have an Internet Connection.

I currently have Windows XP installed on my PC should I upgrade?

It is absolutely essential that you plan to upgrade your PCs Operating System as soon as possible, Microsoft will no longer be supporting XP and therefore no longer providing Security Patches. How does this affect you? Well your system will become potentially vulnerable to Exploits, Viruses and Malware, call us and we can help you to plan and deploy your upgrade. 

Should I choose Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8?

Windows 8 does take a while to get used to, it has had a fairly unpopular reception by the general public. If you do not have the patience or inclination to learn its new interface then Windows 7 is the obvious choice but be aware that Windows 7 is not as feature rich as Windows 8 and over time Windows 8 will become the stronger option.

We have a range of servers that are approaching end of life, how do we migrate to a Cloud Solution but still retain critical systems on-site.

There is no single 'right' answer to this. Cloud Services can be hosted on-site with less critical services provided off-site. Hybrid 'best of both worlds' systems could provide a natural fit in this scenario, but a proper assessment consultation is required to provide a more accurate answer. Please call and we can arrange for one of our Pre-sales consultants to visit and discuss your specific requirements.

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