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STG - Trusted and reliable technology partner

Some of the founding principles of our work are to provide customer-centric and robust technical solutions for our customers along with first class support.  Our goal is to establish long term partnerships with our clients and develop integrated solutions and support structures that fulfil their business requirements.

We look systematically at how best to deliver these objectives and work with you to deliver successful outcomes. What we are seeing and are actively involved with now is a convergence of technical requirements across business and domestic markets.  Home installations of structured cabling for internet, wi-fi and home automation are now becoming commonplace at a level of complexity once reserved for a small office.  As the technology develops we are at the forefront along with our partners like Intel, Microsoft, Microfocus to deliver sophisticated systems whether its is in a domestic setting or a commercial one.

How can we deliver to such a diverse customer base? We believe our success is largely due to our holistic view of digital technology and trying to encompass the practicalities of a solution not just the design. We tune in to our clients needs, we provide expertise across design, development, implementation and management.  Whether it is a business change project or managed services provision, or a home automation project our team is on hand to guide you through from concept to reality.

Call us now to start a dialogue 01420 477760 we look forward to speaking with you.