Moving the business from your existing system to Office 365 is not a minor task and one that IT Managers up and down the country have had many sleepless nights worrying about.  It can be tedious and time consuming and carries with it some significant risks which require careful planning, project management and expertise to ensure that the predicted outcome becomes actual.

At Solvida Technology we have a new type of migration application that manages all the details of the move from start to finish. 

The result is that migration times are significantly reduced along with the risks associated with this type of project, producing a seamless transition from your existing mail and office systems.

Migration to o365


Mailbox discovery configuration and licencing

It is time consuming and costly to gather the information required to complete a Statement of Work and develop a robust migration plan for moving to Office 365. At Solvida Technology we have a Web Planner for that purpose, it is easy to use and can plan and configure in one simple streamlined operation. The Web Planner discovers email mailboxes simplifies licencing and creates a personalised project plan ready for implementation of the move to Office 365.

Product Features

  • Assess and plan in one step
  • Quick and easy operation
  • Onsite disruption minimised
  • Email assessment
  • Mailbox discovery
  • Office 365 licencing

Data and DNS Automated

After the plan is submitted, Migration Sync orchestrates the entire migration project, keeping all the pieces of the migration in sync.  First the application pre-syncs all the data in a dry run to virtually eliminate data migration risk. Then DNS Sync goes to work to make the necessary email DNS changes to facilitate a zero-downtime switch. Finally, Account Sync copies all your user companies user accounts and user data to ensure a safe and efficient transition to Office 365.

Product Features

  • Fully automated
  • Zero Downtime
  • Fast migration time
  • Lower risk
  • Server Sync
  • DNS Sync
  • Account User Provisioning
  • Automated communications


Setup - local migration - plus

Setup Assistant addresses many of the snagging issues and challenges associated with the overall migration experience. Setup Assistant is a lightweight client app that works with Migration Sync to finalise the migration. It automatically sets up Outlook and can retain features like address autocomplete and email signatures which often bugbears for user migrations in the past. It also performs local PST migrations and checks the network to ensure timely transfer of all the company's email data.

Product Features

  • Easy transition for users
  • No requirement for desktop to desktop moves
  • Enables easy POP3/IMAP migrations
  • Autopatches Outlook
  • Office 365 Setup
  • Incorporates Outlook features and extras
  • Local PST migrations
  • Network Optimisation